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KOMEL Institute is a leading company in the field of electrical machines and drives issues such as testing, development, design, operation and diagnostics.   

Current scientific research and development work conducted in the Institute includes:

- permanent magnet generators used in renewable energy sources 
- energy-saving drives and motors with permanent magnets, used mostly in electric vehicles drives,
- high- and low-power energy-saving electrical motors
- explosion-proof motors used in mining and pump houses in oil and gas industry,
- special purpose electrical motors (e.g. aircrafts, machine-tool industry, ship industry, electric traction, military uses etc.).

KOMEL Institute also offers diverse services related to electrical machines and drives such as:

- diagnostic tests of operating electrical machines,
- expert opinions on machine and drive failures,
- repair, reconstruction and modernization of motors and high-power machines in particular,
- reduction of noise and losses in older types of electrical motors,
- lab tests of models and prototypes of rotating electrical machines,

and is a manufacturer of:

- dc motors and generators,
- permanent magnet motors,
- general purpose induction motors and special purpose motors,
- electrical machines sets,
- specialist electrical tools.


Tractor suspended queue GAD-1 with electric drive designed and manufactured in KOMEL, supplied by its own zero-emission battery new generation, designed for transportation in underground mines, also in the workings of hazardous dust and / or methane

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