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Test stands may be used for research and development work,
for laboratory experiments and for educational purposes.

Generators and motors with permanent magnets
Permanent magnet 3-phase synchronous machines.
These generators are dedicated mostly to small wind and hydroelectric power plants. Motors More...
Renewable energy sources
Work is carried out in Komel Centre on dissemination and utilization of renewable energy sources. We are in particular interested in wind power engineering. More...
Mining industry motors (Atex)
Three-phase, explosion-proof cage induction motors
with flame-proof enclosure.
Designation I M2 Ex dI Mb
. More...
DC motors
Traction motors
Highly efficient motors dedicated for use in drives
with variable rotational speed such as mechanical vehicles. More...
Tools for meat industry
Frame saws, circulars saws and bandsaws with accesories for slaughter and partition of animal carcasses and half carcasses.
Sterilizers for sterilizing tools
. More...
Test stands
Motors and special-purpose devices
General purpose DC machines Pb 2¸3 and Pc 132¸160 type
for industry.
Komel's actvities include designing
other special-purpose devices, such as motors for aircraft industry, separators etc
. More...
Łukasiewicz Research Network
- Institute of Electrical Drives and Machines