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Dear Sir or Madam,

     Please be advised that in connection with preventive measures aimed at protecting against the spread of coronavirus, and most importantly - for the safety of participants, the XXIX Scientific and Technical Conference "Exploitations Problems of Electrical Machines and Drives" - PEMINE, which was to take place within 27 -29 May 2020, was moved to September 2020 (preliminary date: 23-25 ​​September 2020).

    In accordance with the recommendations of the Polish sanitary services, the instructions of the Government of the Republic of Poland and the World Health Organization, we decided to postpone the conference until travel and meetings are comfortable and safe again.

    We will keep you updated on all issues related to this event.

    On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Łukasiewicz Research Network - KOMEL Institute of Electrical Drives and Machines, I would like to thank you for your understanding and support.


Best regards,

    Mariusz Czechowicz

    Secretary of the Conference

We are glad to inform you that the annual Technical and Scientific Conference organised by KOMEL will take place dd. 27-29 May 2020 in the village Rytro, located in the southern part of Poland, in the picturesque valley of river Poprad.

     The Conference includes the following topics:

  • design, exploitation and diagnostics of electrical machines,

  • electromobility, including the design, features and exploitation of vehicles with electric drives,

  • new concepts of electrical motors,

  • designing and calculation of motors,

  • permanent magnet motors,

  • exploitation, diagnostics of electrical motor,

  • monitoring, testing and modern measurement equipment,

  • reliability and influence of  exploitation conditions on machine lifetime,

  • modernisation of electrical drives,

  • damages of motors and drives as well as restoration possibilities,

  • frequency converters and other controlled sources of electrical energy,

  • influence of power supply from frequency converters on the performance of electrical machines,

  • safe exploitation of electrical machines and electromagnetic compability,

  • insulation systems and materials.

      Due to the great interest during the previous conference PEMINE, a separate session will be a session on electromobility, where we will present the issues related to the design, operation and transport vehicles with electric drive. The conference will showcase electric vehicles, including off-road version, and all interested participants will have the opportunity to personally test them during a test drive.



















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